Hi I am Sian, I am a Intuitive reader, energy, sound, and crystal healer. I have been communicating with spirit since childhood and formally trained in a range of modalities including Oracle Cards, Reiki, Seichim, Sound, crystal, and shamanic healing. It is my connection to Spirit that has propelled my passion and love for this work, and I share these gifts with you in private sessions.

Intuitive Reading 30 minutes • $30
I use my clairsentient and clairaudient gift to communicate with your guides and angels and tune into your energy. My readings may come in the form messages regarding releasing emotional blocks, and action that could be taken to move forward in a positive direction.  In every reading whatever is right for you will come through; sometimes not quite what you expect though. 

Sound Healing 1 hour and over • $65
Sound Healing is a technique utilising vocals, as well as various sounding instruments to assist in restoring balance within the body. I work with sound bowls, rattles, drums, song, light language to clean and clear your chakras, aura and energy body. This a a peaceful process where you need only show up and relax.

Intuitive Reiki Seichim Healing 1 hour and over $65
As a Reiki Master Practitioner and Seichim Practitioner, I work as a spiritual conduit to clear blocks, reduce physical pain, receive and give messages from spirit, for your highest good.

Crystal Reiki Healings 1 hour and over $65
I work with crystals and Reiki to aid in restoring your body’s stability and balance. Crystals create a scared safe space to help you release those unwanted fears, struggles and help you move forward.

If you are stuck in some area of your life or you just aren’t sure about your next steps, I’d love to help you clear what is holding you back.

All services are delivered from The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna QLD 4300.
For more information or an Appointment contact Sian on 0448 889 682, Facebook www.facebook.com/Sianintuitivehealer/