This Circle enables participants to develop and experience their own psychic gifts and abilities. 

This weekly circle is where you can develop, stretch, grow, and sharpen your psychic gifts.  Everyone has psychic gifts and you can develop those gifts and understand how you receive messages.

Over the weeks you will be provided you with a toolbox of techniques and methods needed to grow and expand your psychic abilities. Learn a variety of aspects of development from oracle cards, mediumship, psychometry, automatic writing, communicating with Spirit Guides, Angels, Fairies, Mediumship, Past Lives, Crystals, Pendulums, and healing, energy work.

This circle will include opening and closing sacred space, starts with a guided meditation, and giving and receiving messages. The second half of the evening  includes a discussion on a specific psychic development topic and readings/healings.

Where: The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna 4300
Date: Every Friday Night (except Good Friday and Christmas)
Time: 7.00 pm— 9.30 pm
Exchange: $5.00
Pre-Requisite:  None – open to everyone from the novice to the experienced.
What to Bring: Notebook and pen. Filtered water, teas, coffee and supper provided.

We appreciate that some people lead very busy lives, so just pop along and visit the circle whenever you can. 

Joining us is easy… No need to book ahead… all welcome.
For further information contact Andrea Phone/Text 0419 641 155 or  email

About the Facilitator

Andrea from an early age, felt the mystery of life and connected with the Spirits and Universe. Initially a reluctant healer, she has now been helping people improve their health and wellbeing for over fifteen years. Andrea currently runs weekly Psychic Development Circles, Reiki Shares, Monthly Shamanic journey circles, Full Moon meditations, one day workshops, and one to one sessions.

Andrea has trained in Reiki, Seichim, Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Theta® healing and various holistic and energy healing modalities during a 20 year personal journey that has brought her many insights and much experience in healing and restoring body, mind and spirit.

Andrea works with Spirit, offering support and encouragement to others on their journey of awakening, bringing spirit-led healing to the whole of their being. It is her greatest honour to be in service to spirit, and to help others feel a greater connection to the web of life, to themselves and perform healings for themselves and others.