Come and discover the world of crystal healing and experience the healing allies of Mother Earth—Crystals.

This workshop offers you opportunities to work with these wonderful tools for healing of others and self. You will learn about the basics of working with crystal including an introduction to crystal energies, looking after your crystals, crystals for the chakras and how lay them on the body. You will also learn how to use crystals to perform crystal healing treatments. Come and experience the precious gifts that crystal wish to share with us and learn that crystals aren’t only beautiful they really can assist you to heal.

This workshop will include: 

  • What are crystals and crystal healing
  • Crystal shapes and formations for crystal healings
  • Crystals care – cleansing, charging, activating and dedicating
  • Choosing your crystals
  • Properties of crystals
  • Programming crystals for healing others and self
  • Working with natural points and massage wands
  • Distance healing with crystals
  • Give and Receive a crystal healing treatment

This is an introductory workshop combining discussions, and practical work with crystals, designed for the beginner level all welcome no experience is needed.

  • Date 2021: Saturday 27th November
  • Time: 9.00 am—6.00 pm
  • Facilitator: Andrea Kerslake
  • Where: The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna
  • Exchange: $140, (Repeat this workshop for $90.00)You will receive a Crystal Pack and manual.
  • What to bring:
    • Your own lunch, (morning & afternoon tea will be provided),
    • notebook and pen.
  • Booking & Enquires: Please contact Andrea phone or text 0419 641 155, email for booking or if you have any questions.

This workshops is suitable for complete beginners; for those who have been reading about crystals but need reliable, grounded, information; for healers in other modalities such as Reiki who would like to introduce crystals into their work.