Journey Within: Awakening Symbols 

In this profound and transformational one day workshop Angel Rachel will expand on the teachings from Lemurian Healing Workshop Level 1. These new concepts will expand your initiation into the ancient healing wisdom of Lemurian – the Keys to Unity.

Discover the power of symbols and light language to unlock hidden knowledge and lead others on a transformative journey. Learn to harness these tools for personal growth, guiding others, and reconnecting with your higher self. Dive into the secrets within ancient scriptures and understand the significance of going within through meditation. Unveil the healing potential of a unique system and explore how to integrate it into your community.

Through ceremonial immersion, uniting light language, chanting, symbol initiation, telepathy, energy transfer, musical flow of the body, principles, stories, guided meditations, cleanse/purify/lighten soul soup and elixir, Angel Rachel will introduce you to Level 7– 12 of the Keys to Unity.

Date 2024: TBA
Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Exchange: $180
Prerequisite: Completed Lemurian Healing Workshop Level 1
BYO: Journal, and pen & Water bottle

Angel Rachel will guide you all the way through this healing initiation.

Space is limited to approximately 12 people, pre booking required. 

To book contact Angel Rachel

Phone/Text 0406 929 651,
or email