Every full moon we have a special Meditation event at The River House

Each month the full moon pours out its healing rays onto all of us and by taking the time and meditating during the full moon we can intentionally raise our glass to receive, and soak in the benefits of this radiant energy.

Full moons are about completion, change, releasing, and cleansing, and a great time to meditate. So why not receive the benefit of the energies available at the full moon and join us for our full moon meditations.

Meditating at the time of a full moon can help you look within, centre yourself, and enable calming of personal inner conflicts. Who doesn’t want more of that? It can also give you the opportunity to acknowledging your own inherent nature as a part of the great web of life.

In the 60 minute guided meditation we align with the Sacred Full Moon, purify and release that which no longer serves you and plant new bright seeds of change and growth. Each month Full Moon Meditation focuses on the specific energies of the moon and is held on or as near the actual date of the full moon as possible and are suitable for beginners and beyond.

Where: The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace Goodna, Qld 4300
Time: 7.00 pm. – 9.15 pm.
Exchange: $5.00

2021 Dates

  • Saturday 30th January
  • Sunday 27th February
  • Monday 29th March
  • Monday 26th April
  • Wednesday 26th May
  • Wednesday 23rd June
  • Saturday 24th July
  • Sunday 22nd August
  • Monday 20th September
  • Wednesday 20th October
  • Saturday 20th November
  • Sunday 19th December

No need to book ahead… all welcome. For further information phone/text Andrea 0419 641 155 or email  annie@spiritualexperience.com.au