Full Moon Meditation


Starts in 3 Months, 25 Days

20/10/2021 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm

The River House

193 Brisbane Terrace

(07) 3381 8908

Join us for a 60 minute guided meditation during the Sacred Full Moon. The full moon, with its intense amount of energy, is a good time for releasing that which no longer serves you and plant new bright seeds of change and growth. Each month Full Moon Meditation focuses on the specific energies of the moon and is held on or as near the actual date of the full moon as possible.

Exchange: $5.00
Facilitator; Andrea Kerslake

Guided meditations suitable for all levels of experience.

No need to book ahead… all welcome. For further information phone/text Andrea 0419 641 155 or email annie@spiritualexperience.com.au