Evidential  Mediumship Event With Angel Rachel


Starts in 1 Month, 6 Days

31/07/2021 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

The River House

193 Brisbane Terrace

(07) 3381 8908

Join Angel Rachel as she passes messages and memories from the other side and the Angels.

Angel Rachel will bring through messages from Loved Ones and Pets who have passed over to the other side, and wisdom from Archangels, and Angels.

This is Up Close and Personal” gallery style event, the next best thing to a private reading, where Angel Rachel will conducts mini” readings for the audience participants.

 Exchange: $35.00

Booking and Payment through www.angelrachel.comFor more information contact Angel Rachel email—connect@angelrachel.com or  phone – 0406 929 651