Selina is a down to Earth, quirky Clairvoyant, Medium, who combines these skills with Tarot, Oracle Card reading. Selina was seeing, talking with, and sensing Spirit from a young age, and has developed and continues to fine-tune her natural abilities. Selina has walked her own pathway and uses her gifts, to help those around her.

Selina uses her Medium abilities to help her communicate with your spirit guides and ancestors who are in spirit. Selina embraces her cultural heritage and with every reading, she respectfully approaches her Tupuna (ancestors) and asks for assistance and guidance and will respectfully connects with your ancestors to bring messages through from your loved ones.

During a Mediumship reading with Selina, she will invite your loved ones to come and speak to her they will give her details of how they are related to you, they will talk to Selina about their life when they were here. Your loved ones will pass on relevant information that are meaningful and needed for you at the time and may be an inspiration to your life. Your loved ones will give Selina information for her to pass on to you that may help you find closure and give you tools for healing.

In her clairvoyant Tarot, Oracle Card readings, Selina is here to help you connect with the all powerful, all compassionate, all knowing self within. If you are ready to embrace the truth of your situation, then allow her to tap into your life and deliver Spirit guidance. Selina readings give you a realistic approach to whatever your concerns are, offering the truth with a blend of love, humour and compassion. They often incorporate necessary tools to help you overcome challenges.

Selina will intuitively tailor a reading specifically to your needs. She loves to brighten people’s lives with a friendly smile and a willingness to help those in need. Don’t let confusion and lack of direction be your guiding force. Take back your power to freely choose what is best for you, by exploring what Spirit share. Get what you need to make changes and create the life you want….

30 minute and 60 minute Psychic Mediumship readings available.

For all bookings and enquires please Call Selina on 0448 750 132