Instinctively drawn to the world of mysticism and the occult from a young age, Chantelle is a practising Pagan, teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner, with a love of old world magic and sacred ritual. Chantelle’s intention is always to empower others in their personal growth and spiritual unfolding, by providing a safe supportive space, encouraging self-love, awareness and acceptance.

Chantelle’s vision for healing is, through healing our experience and changing old belief systems we add to the wisdom of the collective psyche. In raising our personal vibration, we raise the collectives. In healing ourselves, we help to heal all of humanity.

During a healing session, Chantelle uses her intuition to communicate with Reiki and her healing team in order to support you in self-healing. You can expect to receive a Chakra balance and alignment, a clearing of dense or heavy energies, sweeping of your aura, holes in your energy filled and being grounded to Mother Earth. Tools may also be used during healings such as; crystals, singing bowls, feathers, incense, drum, rattle, bells and voice. Depending on your needs and intention for the healing session, Chantelle may also connect you to your ancestral lineage, past lives, Akashic records and unveil any sacred knowledge or wisdom in your highest good. Chantelle may assist you in the releasing and removal of any oaths, vows or other restrictive contracts or binds, entities, attachments or articles from this or your past lifetimes.

Through healing, you seek the truth behind the mask, you wish to embrace all aspects of yourself and take responsibility for your space in the world. If this is your intention, Chantelle wishes to support you, to realise the power of your divine sacred self.

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