Time to pull those old pendulums out of your drawer & get them working !

In this introductory workshop you will have the opportunity to learn and experience your abilities to dowse. Everybody can dowse ! You will learn how to understand, read and interpret the various responses from your pendulum. You will also learn how to use your own body as a tool of dowsing to help answer daily questions and queries. To know what questions to ask and how to phrase them is also an important skill to have, which you will learn.

This workshop will include:

  • Getting to know your pendulum & its properties
  • Interpreting the movements of your pendulum
  • Allergy and food testing using a pendulum and kinesiology body testing
  • Learning what questions to ask your pendulum
  • Map dowsing for identifying harmful energies in your home and business
  • How to find lost objects
  • Using kinesiology techniques for muscle testing
  • How to apply body testing to daily life questions
  • Give and receive a dowsing reading for others

This is an introductory workshop combing discussion on the history and various thoughts on dowsing and practical demonstrations and learning, designed for beginners to old hands at dowsing.

When:  Sunday April 29th
Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where:  The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna 4300
Exchange:  $80, you will receive a pendulum and manual
What to bring:   Plate to share for lunch, notebook & pen

Please contact Michael on 0433 934 619, email michaelmckee450@yahoo.com.au for bookings or any questions you might have.

About Michael

I have been working with dowsing, earth energies and garden design for over 20 years including a Certificate in Landscape Design. Working with earth energies can be an empowering and often enlightening experience. I love watching the process of discovery that comes with tapping into our latent psychic abilities. Communicating with plant and earth energies can create a doorway into a world of new possibilities.