Gain understanding and receive deep soul healing through the exploration of past lives and karmic influences, which may be playing out in this lifetime creating disharmony.

Release karmic blockages and dissolve old belief systems, understand relationship and family entanglements, clear ancestral karma, release karmic contracts, experience deep soul healing and personal empowerment. Experience this process through a combination of energy healing techniques, aimed to clear away the past and bring a deeper self awareness and harmonious flow into your life.

Sessions are conducted in a nurturing and supportive environment to facilitate deep soul healing. Duration 1 hour – $135

For all bookings an further information please contact Yvette on: 0413 021 230, email:, or Website

About Yvette

Yvette has been working professionally in the healing industry for over 14 years and is a powerful visionary healer. She works intuitively using a variety of techniques and aspires to support others in creating authentic change in their lives.

She is highly experienced as a Past Life Therapist and Soul Healer, specialising in karmic release, soul retrieval, ancestral karma and past life healing. She has a deep love and connection to Goddess and has been on her own journey of healing, transformation and soul integration for many years. Yvette continues to study, grow, expand and deepen her connection to self, the Divine Mother, and all that is.

With a divine love and passion for supporting others on their own journey of expansion and self awareness, Yvette assists those wishing to embrace all aspects of who they are, encouraging growth in self love and acceptance as they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their own sacred soul journey.

Yvette is currently based in Adelaide and travels throughout Australia offering her healing sessions, circles and workshops. She has worked extensively across Australia, in India, and is an initiated priestess of Goddess, through Pomegranate Grove, a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and a dedicated alchemist and creator of sacred healing oils.