Nicola Neal is passionate about life, love and helping others reach their individual potential. Working with her Spirit Guides and co-workers, Nicola knows that by bridging the gap between the physical world and our loved ones in Spirit brings a ‘Knowing’ that life is eternal and that our loved ones go on living in Spirit free of ailments that caused physical discomfort whilst on Earth. This knowing can aid in bringing healing and comfort to their loved ones left here on Earth.

Through her mediumship, Nicola has also discovered that channelled Spiritual healing is also a part of her abilities she is able to offer clients that are looking for an energetically natural way to compliment current medicinal treatment.

Recently discovering a talent for aromatherapy, Nicola also channels beautifully scented pure oil blends combined with energised water that are designed to be sprayed and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Nicola brings a practical, down to earth, grounded approach to her craft. Known for her honesty, compassion, empathy and sense of humour, Nicola has been conducting sittings in the Redlands since 2007 and from her home in South Ripley since 2010.

Nicola Neal regularly attends further mediumship development weeks with Tony Stockwell in Melbourne and also the Arthur Findlay College for the Development of Spiritualist Science in UK.

Every Wednesday 12 – 4pm @ The River House 

For an appointment 0414 661 032, or

‘By holding my hand and guiding my heart, Spirit shall illuminate the way…’