Are you looking to increase clarity, focus and energy?
Are you struggling with stuck emotions and past situations?
Are you lacking the confidence in yourself to trust your own decisions?
Are you looking to re-establish your own identity but are confused about where to start?

Together we work to clear those old beliefs and hurts from your energetic system, to raise your vibration and keep you in tune with your inner wisdom.

Crystal ~ Chakra Balancing

Sometimes you just need a crystal chakra balance to clear away stagnant energy bringing focus, clarity and energy to top you up so you can get on with life.

Emotional Healing

When you have older, deeper concerns combining a blend of healing energies, crystals and mentoring moves the blocks, re-sets your energy and brings about lasting emotional change and better energetic boundaries.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Lorelle combines her intuitive gifts with a combination of healing energies such as Reiki, RAW and Crystals to mentor and support you as you transform overwhelm to clarity. Working with all parts of your being, and your higher self to move blocks from your energy field that are creating emotional, physical, or soul imbalances.

In a healing session, we discuss the issues that are bothering you, then work through an intuitive energy process which may also include affirmations, visualisations, crystals, and oracle cards.

Creating serenity through all dimensions of yourself!

Creative Healing

Lorelle also creates handmade crystal healing jewellery and decor. Using the subtle supportive power of crystals to enhance positive changes in your life and surrounds. 

Appointments are held at The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna QLD 4300

To Book phone Lorelle on 0407 118 180

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