Katrina recognising her gifts early on in life and was encouraged to develop it by her Grandmother. Working from a Love and Meditative Healing perspective she genuinely loves to be able to offer clarity and to be of service to her clients. Katrina is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, and Crystal Healer.

Psychic Mediumship Readings…

In your reading, in conjunction with the Oracle Cards and guided by her spirit team, Katrina receives messages to both get answers to your questions and to remove any blocks that might be holding you back. Through this you will receive validation, greater awareness, direction, and release fear.

As a Mediums Katrina messages may be brought through from your loved ones around you. It can bring great peace and relief knowing they are at peace, happy and with us.

Katrina readings contain an extraordinary amount of wisdom, compassion, and integrity telling you “what you need to know,” the decisions facing you and a possible pathway through the minefield of life. All bought to you with Divine Love and Acceptance.

Intuitive Energy Healing….

Katrina as an Intuitive Energy Healer combining her psychic gifts and connection to Spirit with Reiki and crystals to guide and support you in the process of healing and self-transformation.

Katrina invite your Spirit Team to participate in the healing, and throughout the session, they work together on clearing your energy-field, removing blocks, and sending healing where it is needed most, completely guided by your Divine self and spirit team. Katrina will also relay any guidance and messages those in spirit might have for you to assist the healing process.

30 minute and 60 minute appointment available.

Booking essential contact  Katrina for availability and pricing on Phone 0408 107 050 or www.facebook.com/KarmatiK-Rose-Readings-and-Healings.