For me, aside from their incredible beauty, butterflies signify the extraordinary growth that all living things — including humans — are able to make a choice and change. I often reflect on the journey of the caterpillar, and can make a distinct parallel to my own and others growth.

Think about it: a butterfly starts out as a cumbersome caterpillar, crawling slowly along the ground, being stepped on, and then discarded. It is easy to discount the caterpillar.

Yet caterpillars somehow instinctively know that if they don’t make a huge change, they will die. As well, if they stay in their self-made cocoons for too long, they will perish; but if they try to emerge too soon, they won’t be strong enough to succeed as a fragile butterfly. Our gentle caterpillars seem to know exactly what to do to preserve their self-care and become the very best they can possibly be — beautiful butterflies — spreading their wings and flying in whatever direction they please, giving joy to those who behold them.

How can we not learn a lot from butterflies?

My own personal journey of healing began when I allowed myself to reach out for help. I remember how difficult that was for me, and I also remember the kind and generous people who cared enough to assist me. I found a mentor. It began with the anxiety experience, believing that this was the main issue.

My mentor brought me to a new level of awareness, self discovery and self mastery. I began to engage in a self loving adventure.  I needed to peel back the layers and heal many wounded parts of me to be able to release the shame and guilt I was carrying from many Behavioural/Identity/Values and Beliefs from childhood. These patterns were repeating until I became aware of them and I knew I was not going to experience my beautiful wings if I had not completed the work feeling safe with my many mentors.

It is exactly because I have experienced crushing defeat in my life, and have humbled myself enough to reach out for the help I needed, that I know how scary it can be for my clients — to make that first phone call or send that first email to me.

I often hear that they chose to contact me because of how authentically I present myself, I understand the courage it takes for them to be emotionally vulnerable with me in the session. I respect that courage and know that its this courage is what can bring them to their journey of your healing.

I feel very grateful to be able to work with you in a beautiful, safe environment like the River House. It offers many opportunities for growth and healing.

I adapt each session to your unique needs. I am committed to helping you find your own solution at your own pace.

So.. Welcome to Positive Transformations. My name is Julie. I would like to offer you the opportunity to have me be the facilitator of growth and awareness. This will enable you mastery over your own wellbeing.

From both my formal and personal training I am passionate about helping people remove the blocks which create the potential for a happy and fulfilling life. We all have times where we need a personal trainer for our bodies fitness and strength. I am providing training for the minds fitness and strength. My skill set covers all areas of mind development and is not limited to trauma, anxiety, depression, codependency, stress, post natal depression, parenting or domestic violence. I offer advice on mental health issues. I draw on extensive personal and professional experience, as well as my ability as an emotional intuitive.

Whatever your challenge is – seeking help through a mentor/coach/counsellor is the first step to healing.

To contact Julie

Ph: 0410 664 801