Helen is passionate about helping her clients to restore health and wellbeing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and to empower them to use the wisdom of their innate intelligence to decide what is best for them.


MassageRemedial, Lymphatic, Trigger Point

Massage to heal and relax. Most people think of massage as a way to relax and pamper oneself, but Remedial Massage can do much more than that. It is an effective way to treat injuries, aches and pains in your body, as well as providing stress relief and relaxation.

It is a varied therapy and combines a number of different techniques such as trigger points, and lymphatic drainage techniques to work on damaged or sore muscles, soft tissue or joints.

Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology

Do you have a tight, sore muscle and when you use it there is a restricted in its range of motion? Suffer from anxiety and fear? You or a family members that suffering from concertation issues, dyslexia, learning difficulties? Then Hyperton-X may be your answer.

Hyperton-X was developed by Frank Mahony in the early 80’s and is a unique hypertonic muscles release technique. A Hypertonic Muscle is one that is restricted in its range of movement and is usually be tight and sore. Symptoms of a hypertonic muscle may include; pain, weakness and restricted movement or motion.

Hypertonic muscles do not only affect you physically but also interfere with how your brain receives and integrates information which can result in poor concentration, reading difficulties, confusion, lack of co-ordination to name a few. This technique has the potential of helping

  • Structural: pain, posture, performance, injury, flexibility.
  • Sports performance: injury recovery, muscle strength, power, motor skills, co-ordination, balance, emotional strength.
  • Emotional trauma: phobias, fear, physical abuse, emotional abuse, goal enhancement.
  • Chemical: food sensitivities, allergies, nutrition, illness, hormones.
  • Education: learning difficulties, enhanced learning, brain integration, comprehension, fine motor skills.
  • Other areas: behavioural problems and attention deficit linked to brain/body imbalance.

Some benefits of Hypertonic Muscle Balancing/Release 

  • Pain Relief – assists in releasing pain by clearing long-standing energy imbalances which can be stored in joints and muscles.
  • Weakness – corrects and strengthens imbalances where a muscle fails to function under load.
  • Flexibility/restricted range of motion – clearing trauma, both physically and emotionally which may have locked a person into a restricted postural state.
  • Improved Sports Performance – due to the above.
  • Learning/Disabilities
  • Improves circulation
  • Improves co-ordination through better muscle balance and enhanced cross-lateral stimulation in the Brain.
  • Releases restricted muscles that effect posture.

Theta Healing®

A powerful healing modality that is non-invasive, simple, quick and life-changing. It works at a cellular level dissolving old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and creating new neural pathways relating to beliefs and feelings that can greatly enhance your life.

Transformational Coaching

Is all about putting you back in control of your life, helps you change the way you view the world, your relationships both with others and yourself.– improving self-image, perceptions about self-worth, and increasing self-confidence. It gives you tools and tips you can use for the rest of your life.

Energy Healing

Is a gentle, yet powerful treatment, using hands-on and hands-off energy healing techniques which brings the whole energetic system back into balance, thus enabling the energies to flow freely, resulting in general well being.

Each person responds differently, however, most people will leave feeling restored, calm, peaceful, clear and focussed.


Learning programs for children and adults (including stroke & accident recovery).

Appointments available for 30 minutes, 60 minutes of 90 minutes sessions, for bookings and further information contact Helen on Phone: 0477 214 055 or 0402 158 553, Email: brainbodyin@gmail.com

About Helen

Helen has over twenty-five years’ experience offering Massage, healings, and BrainBodyIn and has extensive experience in the Humans Service industry as a Youth Worker, Family Worker, and a Family Support Counsellor. Along with being a trainer and service coordinator. Helen has faced her own life challenges and through her work has extensively supported others.

Helen has raised 4 children one with special needs thus her reason for exploring alternative therapist to support the learning and body challenges of her son. Seeing the results from her own experiences began utilising those tools to help others. Helen is now the proud Nana of 5 lovely grandchildren and has recently relocation to the Ipswich.

For bookings and further information contact Helen on Phone: 0477 214 055 or 0402 158 553, Email: brainbodyin@gmail.com