Come and join us for Winter Solstice Meditation

The time of the shortest day and the longest night. Honour this time of darkness journey into the depths of oneself, and reflect on what is happening in your life, releasing what no longer serves you. From that journey new life as well as new light emerges.

If you’re looking to shed some leaves and would like a way to work with the ego and let them drop, this fire ceremony may help you on your path.

Come and celebrate the passing of the seasons with this ceremony of change and guided meditation.

The Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony is a time that you allow yourself to “completely let go” of the past year, the past fears, the vestiges of old beliefs, and any negative dialogue held within your subconscious. Let the alchemical element of fire transform the old, as it knows how to do so well.

Through the ritual of fire ceremony, the deepest yearnings and dreams of our soul begin to manifest and express in the physical world. When done with the right frame of mind, this practice can work wonders, experiencing an immediate inner shift once it was complete.

When: Monday 21st June 2021
Time: 7.00 pm—9.15 pm
Where: The River House, 193 Brisbane Terrace Goodna 4300
Investment: $5.00

No need to book ahead… all welcome! For further information contact Andrea phone/ text 0419 641 155 or email